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Time for a Bolder Health Action Plan for Wave #2 Pandemic

Wave #2 is going to come faster and far more widespread. You will not be…

How to Effectively (and Naturally) Boost Brain Health and Memory – Cityline TV

Medical doctor Dr. Elaine Chin and Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink teach you how to take care of the most important organ in your body.

The Lifestyle Changes You Should Make Today to Maintain Bone Health – Cityline TV

Medical doctor Elaine Chin and Naturopathic doctor Elizabeth Goldspink explain the importance of bone health and the positive effects strong bones have on your overall health.

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Elaine Chin MD – Biography by Barbara Tong

Biography of medical doctor Dr. Elaine Chin (by Barbara Tong). North American trailblazer in Precision Medicine. Founder of Executive Health Centre, a Medical Wellness and Anti-Aging Clinic. Medical expert on CitylineTV and in Good Housekeeping Magazine’s GH Institute.


Your Brain and Sleep

The more developed a country you live in, the more sleep you lose. Many people believe that they can function on less sleep. That is a myth. In my video, I will explain why sleep is critical for your brain, at what stage is considered quality sleep, and debunk some myths about sleeping.

World Health Day 2022: “Clean” bottled water is a disaster for our planet and ourselves

This year’s W.H.O. wish for World Health Day is focused on the connection between the planet’s health and human health. Evidence shows that pollution increases the risk of preventable diseases like cancer, asthma, and heart disease. We think of pollution in terms of dirty air and undrinkable water.

Why it’s critical to return team members back to the workplace

Wave 4 of the pandemic is upon us. However, that does not mean we should…

Why Gut Health Affects Your Brain, Mood and Weight Gain – Cityline TV

Medical doctor Dr. Elaine Chin and Naturopathic doctor Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink discuss gut health and ways to improve it.


How to recover your health and happiness post-pandemic – Cityline TV

Dr. Elaine Chin brings her new book “Welcome Back: How to Reboot Your Physical and Mental Health Well-Being for a Post-Pandemic World’ to Cityline. “We have to do better and try to recognize that wellness is NOT a luxury.

How one family is managing Type 1 diabetes in their child – Cityline TV

Dr. Elaine Chin has important information on managing diabetes along with the powerful story of…

Top Trending Diets, and How to Stay Healthy While Losing Weight – Cityline TV

Dr. Elaine Chin and Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink give their advice about top trending diets, and how to stay healthy while losing weight. It’s all about what foods to stay away from and choosing the right diet for you!

Top 10 Gifts Wellness and Beauty – Cityline TV

Medical doctor Dr. Elaine Chin and naturopathic doctor Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink share their Top 10…


13th Annual World Pension Alliance and Transatlantic Conference

Dr. Elaine Chin is presenting a wellness session based on her book Welcome Back! How to Reboot Your Physical and Mental Well-Being at the 13th Annual World Pension Alliance and Transatlantic Conference virtual event hosted by Australia this year.

Afternoon Tea – How to better support a return to the workplace

Another amazing afternoon tea with another incredible group of senior women leaders to discuss how…

‘Un’Masking Together Challenge: Support Health Care Workers

Finally able to deliver books as part of my ‘Un’Masking Together campaign to support front line…

Richard Robbins International – IAM Event

Studio virtual event at Richard Robbins International! IAM event with 1200+ to hear my conversation about the importance of self-care.