Announcing the launch of
Dr. Elaine Chin’s latest book:

Welcome Back!


Welcome Back!

How to reboot your physical and mental well-being for a post-pandemic world

Our shared pandemic has shaken every single one of us, unleashing a wave of physical and mental micro-traumas – both known and unknown. It’s now time to roar back and reclaim your well-being!

Welcome Back! is your wellness partner, guiding you from languishing to thriving. This book puts the power of achieving optimal health into your hands. With do-it-yourself diagnostics grounded in personalized medicine, Welcome Back! will boost your sense of health, fortify your immunity and put an end to pandemic fears and anxiety.


As a trustworthy and credible voice across North America, Dr. Chin combines scientific evidence and a compassionate approach to support her clients in repairing and recovering from health setbacks and renew their health resiliency.


Wellness isn’t a luxury – it’s the foundation for enjoying all of life’s offerings and something we just simply must prioritize. In Welcome Back!, Dr. Chin shares actionable insights and strategies to reclaim your physical stamina and mental fitness in this post-pandemic world.


About the author

Elaine Chin, MD & MBA (University of Toronto)

Thought leader  |  Health vanguard  |  Champion of wellness innovation


Dr. Chin is one of the world’s leading go-to physicians for Fortune 100 executives, an advisor at the GH Wellness Lab (Good Housekeeping Magazine) and a future-focused entrepreneur who is passionate about combining innovation, technology and compassion to achieve exceptional wellness.

Dr. Chin’s mission is to make personalized medicine accessible to all and help people of all ages bring their physical and mental health into harmony. At the start of the pandemic, she helped raise more than $250,000 to secure and distribute masks for healthcare workers in Canada.