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Cityline TV – How to renew your health post-pandemic

Cityline TV – How to renew your health post-pandemic

Repair, recover and renew! The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been overwhelming on both our physical and mental health. However, my new book “Welcome Back: How to reboot your physical and mental health resiliency in a post-pandemic world” is a perfect resource for steps to take to manage your well-being.

Repair, Recover, and Renew 

Repair starts with detoxing the body and de-stressing. This is as simple as going into the doctor’s and having a check-up, or keeping track of your health. For example, your blood pressure, weight, and even your sleeping habits.

Once you have your priorities in line, you will be able to decide if you want to focus on detoxing or de-stressing. If you’re choosing to focus on detoxing, form a routine of hydrating yourself, or even cutting back on carbs and alcohol.

Feed your gut biome with fruits and vegetables, so that it can create healthy hormones for both your mental health and immune system. As well, look at other modalities, such as acupuncture or lymphatic drainage, to improve meridians and flow.

Health and Happiness 

Your health and happiness have a lot to do with what you do on a daily basis.

For starters, the food you eat. The goal here is to focus on eating healthier, as opposed to dieting. Second, your sleeping habits can disrupt your happiness, whether you’re oversleeping or undersleeping. Lastly, the pandemic created a challenge for regular workouts. We need to get back to a better place so we can increase our happiness and health.

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