Riskboss Magazine: Your Health – Your Risk

There’s an old saying: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince,
and dinner like a pauper.” It holds true. Studies reveal that your metabolism operates most efficiently when you front-load your calories. Given this, I find myself puzzled by the trend of intermittent fasting. While it does lead to weight loss due to reduced calorie intake, it’s also been reported to boost energy levels. I have two theories that might explain these observations.

COVID isn’t done with us

COVID-19 made almost 5 million Canadians sick, put hundreds of thousands in hospitals and claimed…

Riskboss Magazine: How hormones can impact your career

In less than three years, more than 1 billion women in the world will be…

Menopause and the glass ceiling: Impact on women’s careers

Dr. Elaine Chin. The average age for menopause is 51, since menopause generally lasts between seven and 14 years, millions of postmenopausal women are coming into management and top leadership roles at age 54, while experiencing mild to severe symptoms such as depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and cognitive impairment, to name a few. If you are menopausal – do not suffer in silence. You get no medals for it.

The risk of BBQ foods: Grilling can create cancer-causing chemicals

Dr. Elaine Chin. Going ‘viral’ with over half a million accounts reached is an abstract concept for many of us who have healthcare careers and post for the purpose of getting important evidence-based information out to people. Recently I posted a Cancer Awareness Series. The risk of BBQ foods went ‘viral’. I’m ‘at risk’ for colon cancer because of my family history.

Myth or fact? Memory loss in an inevitable part of aging

While it is true that memory decline can occur as we age, it is not a universal or inevitable experience. Research has shown that there are many factors that contribute to age-related memory decline, including genetics, lifestyle choices, and certain medical conditions.

Your Health. Your Risk.

This summer we’ve become all too aware of a spike in closures of emergency departments and intensive care units across Canada. This has not only affected smaller hospitals in rural communities. For the first time, many teaching hospitals have been impacted, including the Toronto General Hospital – one of the world’s top 10-ranked hospitals. This scares me. Frankly, it should scare all of us.

Without Health, Leaders Can’t Lead

Why health training is essential for executives. Up-and-coming leaders are exposed to intense training designed…

Effective Benefits: Improve Employee Retention and the Bottom Line

The pandemic has impacted everyone differently. Prioritizing the types of benefits that reduce the impact of chronic conditions and investing in targeted wellness programs have proven return on investment. Dr. Elaine Chin, explains the role of organizations in reducing COVID-19-related health issues in the Plans & Trusts September/October 2022 issue.

Rotman Management Magazine – Q&A with Dr. Elaine Chin

Companies have long invested in leadership training, but Dr. Elaine Chin, pioneer in precision medicine, says it’s time to invest in health training, too. Rotman Management Magazine asked questions to Dr. Elaine Chin on this hot topic.