Cultivating resilience in a post-COVID world

We’re at a critical inflection point of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just over 40 per cent…

Variants, Vaccines and Post Vaccination Antibodies

During this past week, you are seeing WAVE 3 in full bloom. Elective surgeries are…

Wave #3: Time to stay home again

We can all see that Wave #3, with 50% plus variants, is upon us. In…

Wave 3 is upon us

According to the Ontario Hospital Association, Wave #3 is officially upon us, as ICU beds…

AstraZeneca Vaccine Update & Reflection of an Anniversary

This morning, Denmark, Norway and Italy suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine citing concerns…

Protecting Ourselves from the COVID-19 Variant Strains

Both the American and Canadian public health officials have warned about another surge of infections due to the U.K. variant now in all ten provinces.

COVID-19 Vaccines & New Pandemic Model

Our pathway to immunity against COVID-19 will only be successful with widespread vaccination to a point where this virus cannot infect so many people and cause disruption to our businesses, our health and our lives. This is in fact the definition of herd or population immunity.

Wait in Line Canada for our Vaccines

For the past 24 hours, Canadian politicians have been dancing around when the vaccine will arrive to Canada.

Prepare Now for Lockdown #2

You’ve seen this movie once already. Until we are delivered into the magical world of “Vaccineland”, let’s prepare now for lockdown #2.

Time for a Bolder Health Action Plan for Wave #2 Pandemic

Wave #2 is going to come faster and far more widespread. You will not be…