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Time for a Bolder Health Action Plan for Wave #2 Pandemic

Time for a Bolder Health Action Plan for Wave #2 Pandemic

Wave #2 is going to come faster and far more widespread. You will not be able to avoid it. FOUR of our team members plus I have had a brush with the virus the past two weeks with clients or public health recommended sized private gatherings! 

Thank goodness I had a few sample RAPID COVID-19 tests in my office for my team members to quickly learn their results. So far, everyone is negative. We are still waiting for some to get the results of a secondary check with the Public Health test! (OMG 5-10 business days)


COVID-19 is an AIRBORNE virus which means it’s in the AIR and once you take your mask off – even with social distancing you can get the virus through air circulation.

Not all masks are equal I still see people wearing single layer ‘easier breathing’ masks. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! You might not be breathing at all when you get COVID-19 inside your lungs. 

2020 flu shots

Ministry of Health will begin to distribute flu shots around October 5th. You should get this vaccine to avoid being confused with getting sick with COVID-19 and worse, contracting both at the same time. Such a prospect would make you ‘really sick’.

Influenza A has always been part of a flu shot mix each year.  It was originally called the “Spanish Flu” which was the first mass pandemic of ‘modern times’. It’s still around, a foreshadow to COVID-19.

Current COVID-19 facts

Fact #1: COVID-19 virus is airborne

Fact #2: Vaccine will only be about 50% effective

Fact #3: Rapid COVID-19 diagnostic testing still not available in Canada

As America passes the 200,000 number of deaths and the world begins Wave #2, I’ve asked myself are we better off now?

Yes, because we know more about the virus. But what we do with this information will determine how Wave #2 will look like.

Fact #1: COVID-19 virus is airborne

The virus is clearly airborne, and the CDC announced it for a few hours before someone made them pull back on the truth again. In March, while supporting a client’s call centre, we saw the infection pattern was across a large room and those who got COVID-19 was spread across the facility. This means air carries it. Indoors 6 feet distance will not be enough.

3 recommendations to follow now:

  1. Avoid going indoors to eat at restaurants now. Do take out for the rest of the pandemic Wave #2. The air circulates with the heating system and most buildings do not have a significant HEPA filter system. If you have any specific ‘common’ office rooms, add a HEPA filter device.
  2. Continue using hand sanitizers and surface DIN products that kill the virus for reducing contamination and ‘recirculation’.
  3. Wear a mask INDOORS when the people you are with are not your ‘secure’ bubble of 6 people or less. I would recommend a mask mandate in ALL common areas within an office.

ALERT: Not all masks are equal

Replace your fabric masks with at least a Level 1 SURGICAL Mask. Definitely masks with valves are leaky. Stop using inferior masks. 

Read the Duke University Study which clearly notes that not all masks are equal.

As one public health expert puts it, the most effective vaccine we have is our masks! Even when we have a vaccine.

N95 or equivalent

KN95 are more readily available and more comfortable

Surgical Level 1 Mask

authenticated, as not all blue/medical masks are equal

Cloth Mask

must be 3-ply – outside polyester, filter and cotton inside, with a snug fit

Fact #2: Vaccine will only be 30-70% effective

The virus has mutated hundreds of times since it first appeared in January/February.  The extremely deadly strains have died with their host. We are now in an era of a more contagious virus (as it is living amongst more people) and though ‘less deadly’ is still a huge concern to all those who are ‘at risk’. Reminder: age 50+, and pre-existing conditions (respiratory conditions, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, overweight) and ethnicity (Black, Hispanic).

Here’s what that means for you:

  1. The vaccine has been developed based on a DNA model from the earlier strains and now that it has mutated it won’t be a perfect ‘match’. 

I say between 30-70% because this is the ‘end point’ criteria used as acceptable range of ‘efficacy’ agreed upon by all manufacturers for the vaccine’s effectiveness.

  1. We also know those who have had one round of infection with the COVID-19 virus has triggered some antibodies but waned away after 3 months. Hence, at least 2 vaccine shots will be required.
  2. At best, I predict we will not get the vaccine until summer/fall 2021, and that we would not get to ‘everyone’ with two shots until the end 2022.

Fact #3: Point of care testing still not available in Canada

I have no idea why Canada is only one of a few countries who do not allow for the importation of ‘point of care’ COVID-19 detection testing. These are tests done in your home, clinic or office setting and you get results instantly. True, it’s not as ‘accurate’ or ‘precise’ but now that we are in Wave #2, we need to do more rapid screening tests. There are so many points of infection risk now that was not in Wave #1. We are seeing high rates of infection and transmission in school, universities, workplaces and  larger indoor gatherings.

COVID-19 protection kit for wave #2

  1. Wear only good masks. If you don’t have them in stock, get them now before inventory levels and pricing go awry!
  2. Start taking specific supplements as they have been shown to reduce COVID-19 infection severity.
    1. Vitamin D – reduces the severity of COVID-19
    2. Antioxidants – (including Vitamin C) improves recovery from COVID-19
    3. Immunity boosters –  like AHCC which improves the lymphocyte function to prevent COVID-19
  3. Consider face shields indoors if you do not want to wear a mask all day. 
  4. Need to get on an airplane? Wear both a N95/KN95 mask plus a shield.
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