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Cityline TV – Doctors break down difference between CBD and THC

Cityline TV – Medical doctor Dr. Elaine Chin and naturopathic doctor Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink are here to open up the medical conversations surrounding hemp and marijuana and discuss what the health benefits and drawbacks are.

Be Your Own Body’s Health Analyst – Elevate Tech Festival

Medical doctor, Dr. Elaine Chin speaks about what we can do to be our own body’s health analyst at Elevate Tech Festival in Toronto.

Cityline TV – Doctors explain the risks of mixing medicine and supplements

Cityline TV – Medical doctor Dr. Elaine Chin and naturopathic doctor Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink review the safety around medicine to keep you and your family healthy.

Cannabis 101

The cannabis plant contains over 500 known compounds, including over a hundred different cannabinoids and terpenes.

Guidelines and Warnings for Medical Cannabis Use

While there are many potential benefits of cannabis use, it is not a panacea yet to cure all that ails use. There are certain medical conditions with good supportive scientific evidence that cannabis can improve symptoms while some show promise.

Cannabis Products

The raw flower of a cannabis plant can be produced into different products that affect its onset of action and total duration of effects.

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East Meets West – Marijuana Would You Recommend

Medical doctor Dr. Elaine Chin, naturopathic doctor Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink, and Mr. Bryan Hendin president at Apollo Applied Research discuss how cannabis affects you and who should use it.

Cityline TV – The lifestyle changes you should make today to maintain bone health

Cityline TV – Medical doctor Elaine Chin and Naturopathic doctor Elizabeth Goldspink explain the importance of bone health and the positive effects strong bones have on your overall health.

Cityline TV – Why gut health affects your brain, mood and weight gain

Cityline TV – Medical doctor Dr. Elaine Chin and Naturopathic doctor Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink discuss gut health and ways to improve it.

Your Brain and Sleep

The more developed a country you live in, the more sleep you lose. Many people believe that they can function on less sleep. That is a myth. In my video, I will explain why sleep is critical for your brain, at what stage is considered quality sleep, and debunk some myths about sleeping.