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Bulletin #6 Covid-19: Securing in Place

Bulletin #6 Covid-19: Securing in Place. We are finally ‘here’ on March 17th and the world has changed dramatically since I started these Bulletins on January 27th when the first case of Covid-19 was diagnosed in Toronto.

Bulletin #5 Covid-19: It’s Last Call for Travel

Bulleting #5 Covid-19: It’s Last Call for Travel. Each of you will need to make risk/benefit decisions that are correct for your family. Certainly, the guidance from all public health departments here in Canada and in the U.S. is to cease all “unnecessary travel.” As Dr. Fauci from NHI said, “I certainly won’t be travelling for leisure reasons.” I concur.

Covid-19 Bulletin #4: Personal Travel, Business Preparedness and Testing for Covid-19

As Covid-19 begins this week to impact the stock market, universities and quite simply day to day travel which we take for granted, Dr. Elaine Chin will try to continue to address questions that many of you are asking. Certainly, some answers are clear, but we are now moving into grey zones. Our team will continue to do our best to stay current and remain aggressively innovative to help all of us ‘stay ahead of the curve’.

Covid-19 Bulletin #3: Travel & PPDs

Covid-19 Bulletin #3: Travel and Personal Protection Devices. Dr. Chin answers frequently asked questions: What should I do about travel? What should I do about masks? What else should be done?

Covid 19 – Truth or Myths?

Covid-19: Truth or Myths. Dr. Chin answers your questions.

Covid-19 Bulletin #2: Scare Yourself to Health

Some epidemiology models are showing that 65% of the population will become infected with Covid-19. Elaine Chin MD shares her updated recommendations for staying healthy in this pandemic environment.

What’s Your Body’s Health Dashboard?

Do you get daily feedback on how well your body’s running? Does your physician call up your body’s DNA blueprint? The answer for most of us is simply, no. But why not?

Cityline TV – How to protect yourself this cold & flu season

With cold and flu season in full swing, it’s important to know how to best…

Cityline TV – Two doctors share their takes on three popular diet trends

Cityline TV – Dr. Elaine Chin and Dr. Elizabeth Goldspink give their advice about top trending diets, and how to stay healthy while losing weight. It’s all about what foods to stay away from and choosing the right diet for you!

Create Your Own Body Dashboard – Elevate Tech Festival

Medical doctor, Dr. Elaine Chin speaks about how we can better monitor our overall health with a body dashboard at Elevate Tech Festival in Toronto.