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Covid-19 Bulletin #2: Scare Yourself to Health

Covid-19 Bulletin #2: Scare Yourself to Health

Here we are on Feb 27, 2020, one month since I sent out a note to my patients about the ‘new’ coronavirus.  Since then, I’ve now lost count of where there are new cases and how many of them are in each country. While professional agencies around the world have not yet called it a pandemic (which has huge economic implications), academically and practically, we are there.

It’s worldwide, highly contagious, and a large portion of the population is infected. 

The good news for now, Covid-19 presently has a 3% mortality rate – mainly hitting those who have a chronic illness or are ‘elderly’. All to say, a weakened immune system.

Like many of you, I have obligations to travel. I plan to speak at several conferences over the coming months. I’ll monitor weekly to determine if I will proceed with my scheduled plans.

Here’s my most recent note to my patients that I’m sharing to all who want to learn what I’m doing too.

Here’s my updated recommendations for staying healthy in this pandemic environment:

1.Stay current on ALL influenza vaccines. This year’s vaccine is 45% effective. This effectively means that the formula is protecting you from 45% of the influenza viruses circulating this season. It doesn’t mean that you’ll not get a cold or flu – just lowering your risk of more ‘deadly’ ones. Remember, one cold or flu often leads to another because your immune system is weakened.

2.If you are over 65 and have not yet had a pneumococcal vaccine (bacterial pneumonia), please get it. And if you are someone who has had pneumonia and are not yet 65, get it too.

3.NEW: Take an aggressive set of supplements. This is what our entire team is now using:

A.H.C.C. Plus from Douglas Laboratories:  

  • Daily dose: 2 capsules daily and 3 capsules 2x/day WHEN TRAVELLING
  • Higher dose: 2 capsules 3x/day on travel days or during active infection

Ultra AO (Antioxidant Complex) from Douglas Laboratories:

  • 3 capsules daily
  • Containing beta carotene, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, E and B’s

I first learned about AHCC as a rescue remedy as part of a Japanese protocol after radiation therapy for cancer. I figured if it was strong enough to show efficacy in this situation, it must work ‘better’ than high dose vitamin C, which doesn’t work for me. It’s a strong anti-viral anti-inflammatory and also enhances resistance against bacterial infections.

AHCC is a biological response modifier, which means it upregulates your natural immune response. Several clinical trials have shown that AHCC can significantly increase the activity of certain white blood cells, whose job is to defend the body against foreign substances, in particular, T cells by as much as 200%.

Some epidemiology models are showing that 65% of the population will become infected with Covid-19. Let’s hope it doesn’t come true. A vaccine won’t be commercially available for at least one year. The common surgical mask is NOT going to protect you from Covid-19. You literally need to cover yourself from head to toe, as they are in hospitals, to protect yourself. However, wear a general mask IF YOU ARE SICK so you DON’T MAKE OTHERS SICK from the common cold/flu/bacterial infection.

Hence, it’s now time to rely on your own super-powers!

Truly, this will be a test of how well you have been taking care of yourself, so you won’t get sick now. No cold, no flu and no bacterial infection. We don’t want you to develop a weakened immune system.

In addition to the supplement protocol, here’s my TO-DO LIST I sent around last month which still holds true:

  • Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections, run away!
  • Practice good hygiene through frequent handwashing, especially after direct contact with sick people or their environment, and touching public items (such as being in trade shows)

Travel Hygiene:

  • Avoid travelling while sick
  • Wear gloves – don’t touch things that are not your personal items – it’s easier in winter now
  • Have your own hand sanitizer gel and use it OFTEN when in public
  • Bring Lysol/Clorox type wipes with you and use several of them to WIPE DOWN your entire airplane area including the table, touch screen, arm rest, head rest, air vent (close it!). Also yes, wipe down your hotel room, if you deem appropriate but especially the TV clicker, lamp switches, and electronics you use in the room
  • BRING a face mask – you never know when you might sit near someone sick or you become sick


  • Get your sleep – 7-8 hours – it’s your best friend to recover your cortisol – your flight or fight response to turn your immune system on full steam
  • Keep doing your exercise to boost your immune functions, but ONLY if you are feeling well. Don’t if you are sick with the cold, as it weakens you!
  • Eat TONS of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid sugar
  • Cut out the alcohol (it lowers your white blood cell count which you need to fight infections)

Elaine Chin, MD
Founder, Executive Health Centre

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