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Why it’s critical to return team members back to the workplace

Why it’s critical to return team members back to the workplace

Wave 4 of the pandemic is upon us. However, that does not mean we should go back into hiding and resume the same mitigation measures of the past. As the vaccination rate continues to climb above 80%, we need to start living again, go back to school and return to the workplace in a hybrid fashion.

In the second of a series of three white papers, we provide scientific reasons why business leaders should begin to welcome back team members, fully vaccinated, into their workplaces to improve engagement, productivity and well-being.

The pandemic has created a series of micro-traumas that have begun to rupture social cohesion among work teams and impacted everyone’s physical health and mental stamina.

The Delta variant, and other variants to follow, are the critical reason why all organizations must mandate vaccinations for all employees. This bold but necessary action is the only safe choice. It can also prevent tension between those who are vaccinated versus those on the sideline who choose to be unvaccinated.

Technology must be implemented to streamline the ongoing need to track and trace all employees to ensure their current vaccination and booster status. Furthermore, as variants evolve, we will continue to require regular testing in the workplace to screen for COVID-19 and consider monitoring for immunity status with antibodies testing. Our Innovation Health Group medical team, supported by our Immunity Passport app, can determine the team members and guests who can safely enter your workplace.

As we rebound from the pandemic, organizations need to regain a sense of control and team members need to reclaim their health resiliency.

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