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Precision Prescribing: Our DNA is Talking, It’s Time to Listen

Precision Prescribing: Our DNA is Talking, It’s Time to Listen

Q&A with Dr. Elaine Chin – Dolce Magazine

Q. In the 30 years since you graduated from medical school, what medical technology has changed your practice the most?

As a personalized medical doctor, it’s clinical genetics.

We can improve efficacy and reduce drug side effects by prescribing the right drug for the right patient. It changes how I decide which drug to use for lowering cholesterol to helping the oncologist choose the correct chemotherapy.

Certain types of diet and exercise regimens are better for certain patients when trying to achieve a healthier weight. Genetics impacts how I counsel them about their lifestyle.

Most recently, DNA testing determines who should or should not use cannabis, what is the right dose and best ratio of THC vs CBD. By determining skin risks for photoaging, dehydration, oxidative damage and inflammation, essential skincare protocols can be precisely identified.

While these tests have become more accessible, the bad news is many doctors don’t yet know how to interpret and advise on them.

That’s why I created Executive Health Centre, to provide health consumers with the diagnostic tests and clinical services they’ll need to prevent bad things from happening to their health and for ensuring good things transpire.

Q. What makes you different from other executive health providers?

For over 10 years, I’ve been the CEO and Medical Director of the Executive Health Centre, a Precision Medicine clinic in Toronto.

Many of our clients lead incredibly busy lives. They feel they’re okay physically today, so what’s the problem? Well, the problem could be lurking inside your body right now. Or the accumulation of stress and lifestyle could make you more vulnerable not only to serious illness but to lack of good health.

We offer FDA-approved tests difficult to access in North America to find those hidden problems before they become life-threatening ones, especially around cancer, heart disease, diabetes and brain decline. As well, we will improve your physical performance and mental stamina – year-round. Once we get those tests back, our team of experts can knowledgeably interpret them. This includes diagnostic testing of your DNA, as well as metabolic, hormone and nutrient levels.

Finally, our holistic health team integrates the best of Western Medicine and Functional Medicine in order to keep your health at peak levels. We will serve as your medical guide through this complex precision medicine journey. All of us are learning more every day, but certainly a little more expertise from open-minded personalized medicine practitioners can never hurt.

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Dr. Elaine Chin is an expert in the emerging field of Precision Medicine.It leverages the latest advances in digital technologies, biometrics and Functional Medicine to make living longer, happier and more productively a reality for everyone. Dr. Chin earned her medical degree and MBA from the University of Toronto. She’s been the Chief Wellness Officer at TELUS Communications and is the Medical Consultant at Good Housekeeping Institute’s Wellness Lab in New York.

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