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Neurotoxin for teeth grinding and clenching

Neurotoxin for teeth grinding and clenching

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I’m here with Dr. Cory Goldberg, a trusted friend and an experienced plastic surgeon, who’s helping me address a common issue – teeth grinding and clenching.

In stressful environments, many of us find ourselves clenching our teeth, which can lead to discomfort over time. But there’s hope – Neurotoxin injections. I’ve been receiving these injections every 3 months, and they’ve been a game-changer in relieving and treating this issue.

For years, there has been a debate about the safety of these injections, but recent studies have confirmed their safety. This isn’t about aesthetics; it’s about practical, science-based solutions to modify and treat teeth grinding.

Join me on this journey to prioritize your oral health, find relief, and say goodbye to grinding and clenching. Let’s embrace modern science together!

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