We Are Not Okay


The Pandemic and its Consequences. We Are Not Okay

In this important and galvanizing book, Dr. Elaine Chin argues that a full and honest audit and reckoning of the personal and social consequences of COVID-19 is the indispensable first step to a full recovery for our families, communities, and our country.

Book available to ship on June 12, 2023.

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The most obvious outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada was that 4.6 million people got sick, hundreds of thousands were hospitalized, and more than 50,000 died, but those numbers don’t begin to capture the enormity of what we have endured during its three-year run.

But it’s not over, the ‘hangover’ from this pandemic is just beginning as we are just beginning to learn about it.

It’s true that many people lost loved ones, but more ‘survivors’ are still experiencing long covid, and many continue to experience the pandemic as never-ending trauma.

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