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Non-stick or stainless-steel pans?

Non-stick or stainless-steel pans?

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When it comes to our well-being, it’s not just about what we eat, but also what we use to cook it! Non-stick pans have sparked countless debates in my household, especially with my son. Is it safe? The answer is clear: it all boils down to our lifestyle choices and the durability of our cookware.

Rule #1: Don’t crank up the heat with non-stick pans! High temperatures can release harmful chemicals.

Rule #2: Keep an eye out for scratches. If your pan is showing wear and tear, it’s time to say goodbye!

Let’s prioritize our health and make informed decisions in the kitchen. And remember, whether you opt for non-stick or stainless steel, it’s all about creating delicious, nourishing meals that bring joy to your table and keep your health in mind.

Here’s to your culinary adventures, one mindful choice at a time!

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