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Bulletin #6 Covid-19: Securing in Place

Bulletin #6 Covid-19: Securing in Place

We are finally ‘here’ on March 17th and the world has changed dramatically since I started these Bulletins on January 27th when the first case of Covid-19 was diagnosed in Toronto.

Here’s what’s in Bulletin #6:

  • Update on treatment of Covid-19
  • 3 tips on Social Distancing

Update on TREATMENT of Covid-19

We are now getting information from the medical community that the virus creates inflammation. Symptoms become more severe in those with conditions such as atherosclerosis (artery disease) and respiratory issues. Why? The virus attaches onto artery plaques and fibrotic tissue, thereby accelerating damage to the heart and lungs. Those with diabetes and other auto-immune conditions are also at risk for similar reasons.

Natural anti-inflammatories prevent the virus from sticking onto these tissues. Hence, it’s now REALLY important to also add Omega Fatty Acids to your protocol – at least two capsules per day. If you have been negligent doing so, please restart. Eating fish will not be enough, especially now that we can’t go get groceries daily.

Consider B vitamins as they also have anti-inflammatory effects and will support your cortisol levels (stress-response hormone) as I’m sure they are unstable now.

Mine has been way up for the past three days trying to get my son, Robert, home from Northwestern University, where there are now two cases on campus. Finally, they cancelled exams. Now he’s home today and I’m sure my cortisol will tank. This can potentially weaken the immune system temporarily.

Three TIPS for You as You ‘Hibernate’

Tip #1: Behave as though you have asymptomatic Covid19. Stay at home. We cannot over-emphasize that.

Tip #2: The ideal social distance from others is to stay home alone. Since it’s not possible and mentally unhealthy, isolate as a family. Friends can visit outdoors at a park but stand far away from each other. Don’t visit your friends’ homes, nor should they visit yours.

Tip #3: Time to clean up the house. Prepare a cleaning station ready for hand washing and spraying down items when you return home and may be contaminated e.g. getting groceries.

Thank you to all who sent our team wonderful messages about how helpful our Bulletins have been for you, your family and friends.

As I support my son’s self-quarantine, I’ll engage with him to create some lighter videos about how we can use this opportunity, being at home, to practice best-in-class wellness activities. You now have no excuses to say, “but I’m travelling” … “I have too much work” … “I have to eat out and entertain.” Guess what I’m going to say? I know that all of you are missing me and I will endeavour to keep your outstanding long-term health goals top of mind in the next few weeks.

I can’t think of a better time to exercise Absolute Wellness. I welcome suggestions for any topics you would like me to cover.  

Our team will get to your requests and pray we all get out of this one without any lives lost amongst those we know and love.

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