I’m Dr. Elaine Chin, Welcome to my blog!

I believe that everyone deserves to feel, look, and perform their best at every stage of their life. There are four areas you need to focus on to ensure that you can become the best you. To begin this journey, it’s important to learn how to create healthy lifestyle habits, make better food choices, maintain a hormonal balance and develop mental resilience.

You should also “know your numbers” by leveraging digital technologies to be able to take full control of your health. The future of having your own “personal health record” as an app on your mobile device is around the corner. In the months to come, we’ll share how the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) will transform your life.

Read, watch and listen to my blog posts. I’ll help you function at peak health and you’ll be better informed on how to take action.

Read Dr. Elaine Chin's Bio

chin_172_cropped_400pxElaine Chin, MD, MBA is a North American trailblazer of personalized medicine who leverages biometric and monitoring technology along with predictive analytics to improve the health and performance of individuals. Using leading edge diagnostic tools, she has discovered the power of telomeres science to support her claim that everyone can help themselves live longer, perform better – and feel younger too.

Dr. Chin is the founder of Executive Health Centre, a premiere personalized medicine practice in Toronto, focusing on peak performance through an integrative science based approach to maintaining optimal health. She is a recognized expert in the practice of precision medicine.

She is the Chief Wellness Officer at TELUS Communications. Her primary focus has been to deliver world class wellness programs to Canadians by integrating digital health technology and the science of precision medicine. Dr. Chin also sits on the GTA Community Board at TELUS.

Appointed as a Heath Leader-In-Residence at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor, she is part of an academic team that will drive results at the World Health Innovation Network (WIN). WIN will cultivate a field of highly skilled, specialized entrepreneurs and professionals to build capacity for advancing innovative health products, processes and technologies. These experts will join forces to develop tangible health care benefits to all Canadians and advance health system sustainability and economic growth.

Dr. Chin is a frequent speaker on executive health as a strategic tool in improving workplace productivity and protecting human capital. She has lectured at the Rotman School of Management and is presently an adjunct professor at York University’s Faculty of Health in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Chin received her medical degree from the University of Toronto, Canada and her MBA from the same university’s Rotman School of Management.

She is the author of, “Lifelines – unlocking the secret of your telomeres for a longer, healthier life”, on Globe and Mail’s Top 10 Best Seller List.