Not your traditional physician speaker, guaranteed to inspire new thinking, never afraid to challenge the status quo, but rather create a new way of practicing medicine that’s not voodoo.

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Mental Resilience

Year after year we’ve made progress in the advancing the conversation about mental health. It’s out of the closet and we are addressing how to support those afflicted. As in many things in life, more can, and needs to be done, to advance the mental well-being of Canadians and I will share with you the way we can collectively get there.

While we are learning more about how to manage mental illness, the journey to embracing a more emotionally stable life, one that is more resilient to mental illness, can be complex. It does begin with awareness. But most importantly, it must transform into more proactive preventative behaviour.

We are past the point of talking about it. It is important now to teach people how to train themselves and show them ways they can develop new habits to help them be resistant to becoming mentally ill or emotionally unhealthy.

During this talk, we’ll discuss how to leverage personalized medicine. By testing your nutrient, hormone and neurotransmitter levels, we can balance them to attain mental health. Using this scientific methodology and adding lifestyle monitoring technology, we can keep you, your family and colleagues become more physically healthy, and mentally resilient too.

Thriving Under Life Pressures

Everyone desires to be in control of their life. Managing your time and health becomes more difficult when caring for young children and elderly parents. This stage of life is known as the sandwich generation.

In this talk, I will demonstrate how you can regain control of your life. I will discuss how you can manage and thrive while being a part of this new reality.

We know that days are long and many hours are spent not just at work but also caring for your loved ones. This results in less time to exercise, sleep and eating properly. When, these are in fact the essential pieces that help us stay healthy, physically and mentally, and help us attain peak performance.

During this talk, I will share with you some quick wins that you will be able to achieve while living in the sandwich generation, enabled by technology to help you nudge towards developing new micro-behaviours towards better self-care.


Telomeres are like plastic tips of your shoelaces that keep them from fraying. But they’re at the ends of your DNA and they keep you from developing disease and dying too young. Today, we have the know-how to slow the disintegration process, to beat our biological clock, and to prevent disease. Keeping your telomeres robust and as long as possible is crucial to your health.

I will show you how to use our knowledge of telomere science to give you an advantage in what really counts most in life – how long and how well you will live!

During this talk, I’ll show you how you can control how slowly or quickly your telomeres shorten. I’ll help you find ways to replenish your telomeres by activating an enzyme, called telomerase, to help them regrow.