Cottage Season is the New Christmas

It is fun to party and now that Christmas is no longer the season to drink and drive, I look to cottage life and discovering the new party adult scene. Not that I’m painting everyone with the same brush, that all you do is party at the cottage. However, I remain convinced that my worry time for my clients’ health and well-being is from May until September.

All of us work hard to stay physically healthy during the fall and winter months but this can be easily undone in just a few spring and summer months.  Let me explain why.

Humans are creatures of habit and our bodies love it. We need a routine to stay on track. Hopefully you’ve developed an exercise and eating routine during the traditional work months and while your kids are in school. Though you may have bouts of shortened sleep hours during tough travel months, you have learned to adjust by maintaining a daily aerobic workout, eating more proteins and less carbohydrates plus supplementing on key B vitamins and antioxidants. As well, you’ve learned to limit to two caffeinated drinks a day, take in lots of water and monitor the amount of alcohol you consume. That’s all great!

However, as soon as Victoria Day rolls around, it’s cottage season. Far too often, for too many, we regress to our more youthful habits. Armed with perhaps a better income, we eat and drink far too much. There are many hours spent driving up to the cottage, sitting by the waterfront, either hosting friends or being hosted. We may be eating full breakfasts as a ‘treat’ and drinking alcoholic drinks starting around lunch time and ending late into the evening. This leaves little time to exercise, especially when the gym and trainer don’t travel to the cottage.

Here are a few reminders of what it takes to burn off a summer festive drinks:

  • 1 (150m/5oz) glass of sparkling wine takes 9 mins of jogging or 21 mins walking
  • 1 (275ml) bottle of pre-mixed alcohol takes 16 mins of jogging or 36 mins walking
  • 1 shot of vodka with diet soft drink takes 6 mins of jogging or 14 mins walking
  • 1 shot of vodka with cranberry juice is equal to 16 mins of jogging or 36 mins walking
  • 1 (345ml) bottle of alcoholic cider takes 17 mins of jogging or 39 mins walking

Spending your summer weekends drinking a few more cheeky wines seems to be becoming the new normal. No matter how or why you drink, it’s no secret that alcohol can undo all your hard work, especially if you spend most days aiming to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Excessive amounts of alcohol can cause damage to your body, including a dose dependent risk for cancers, such as colon, breast, pancreatic, liver, mouth, throat, and voice. Read my blog on alcohol effects on cancer risk.

Can I suggest an idea? Try a herbal tea instead, or water spiked with herbs, some limes and lemons! See my video on ways to enhance your water.

See the infographic about the battle of wine versus beer and other spirits:

Original Source: Calories in Beer vs. Wine (Infographic)


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Dr. Elizabeth Stavros N.D. Recommends Alcohol Support Complex

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Author: Elaine Chin

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